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helps a lot

first post: marko999 wrote: Nice idea and implementation, for sure I will use this... thanx :)

In SL3.0, can you not just use XamlReader.Load ?

first post: Cheeso wrote: For example, this creates a light blue triangle:string xamlTriangle...

latest post: drewnoakes wrote: Yes this seems to work. You don't need the 'xmlns:x' namespace eit...

Overriding Base PathGeometry Converter

first post: toddering wrote: My apologies in advance for what is probably a very simple/stupid q...

This is great

first post: yhua045 wrote: Hi,Does it mean that I can use the returned PathGeometry object to ...


first post: strtdusty wrote: Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks for the great work.

latest post: DevCorner wrote: You welcome :)

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