Overriding Base PathGeometry Converter

Jan 17, 2010 at 5:41 PM

My apologies in advance for what is probably a very simple/stupid question.  I'm new to XAML and just trying to figure out a few things.

I have a XAML file imported from XPS which contains several of the following elements:

<Path Fill="#FF000000">
                        <GeometryGroup FillRule="Nonzero">
                            <GeometryGroup FillRule="Nonzero">
                                <PathGeometry FillRule="Nonzero" Data="M4.62890386581421,479.886810302734L5.3867130279541,479.886810302734 5.3867130279541,483.191467285156C5.3867130279541,483.688873291016 5.43293714523315,484.055419921875 5.52538442611694,484.291076660156 5.61783218383789,484.526763916016 5.77668571472168,484.708404541016 6.00194501876831,484.835998535156 6.22720432281494,484.963592529297 6.50259399414063,485.027404785156 6.8281135559082,485.027404785156 7....

When attempting to compile in MS Expression, the XAML editor complains that the TypeCoverter for the PathFigureCollection does not support a string.

It appears that you've cracked this issue, but what I don't understand is how to specify that the XAML editor/compiler should your your Converter instead of the base converter defined for the PathGeometry class. 

Thanks in advance,